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Company Staff

Andy Stecher : President/CEO
Andy focuses on strategic business development and integration of the PTS  organization into the parent company Plasmatreat.  His background includes almost 30 years of experience  in international management, finance and operations. During his career, he has worked mostly for foreign-owned businesses with a focus on the North American market.

Stephen Kaplan : Technical Advisor
Stephen is the founder of Plasma Technology Systems and currently serves as a Technology Consultant for Plasma Technology Systems/Plasmatreat.   He previously founded Plasma Science, Inc., which pioneered the development of large chamber low pressure primary plasma systems for industry.   Stephen is a polymer chemist with fifty years of industrial experience in the plastics industry focused on interfacial and surface properties of polymers.  The past thirty years has been devoted to exploring the power of plasma to modify polymers.

Mikki Larner : Vice President of Sales and Marketing
PTS was developed under Mikki's management where she currently directs sales and marketing.   Previously, she was the sales manager at 4th State, Inc. focused on low pressure plasma research and development and contract services.  She has a strong technical understanding of surface modification process and manufacturing requirements for a broad range of industries ranging from medical devices to aerospace.

Frank De Francesco : Senior Engineer
Frank has been with the company since its first incarnation as Plasma Science and has been responsible for several plasma system designs over the years particularly concerning RF power delivery, electrode design and material transport.  Frank is also responsible for the service and maintenance of the current product line and equipment sold by Plasma Science (Himont and the BOC Company).

In addition to the above staff, our team is supported by Plasma Science’s original design and manufacturing engineers.

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