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Company Timeline : The PTS Story from 1981

Plasma Science formed.Specialized in the treatment of polymers with R&D, process development, contract and equipment sales.

Plasma Science awarded patent on RF distribution to multi electrodes.

Development of large scale primary plasma equipment for auto, aerospace and fabrics industry.

Purchase by Himont: Plasma marketed as an environmentally friendly technique for primerless adhesion

Acquired by BOC Coating Technology (when Himont merged with Shell to become Montel). Focus on use of plasma as complementary technology to QLF coatings.

Plasma Technology Systems formed as an independent company. PTS purchased back Plasma Science from BOC. Original Plasma Science members rejoin team.

Cooperation Agreement with Plasmatreat GmbH, forming a technology center for evaluation of and equipment offerings for vacuum and atmospheric plasma processes.

Acquisition by Plasmatreat US LP following a five year collaborative relationship.   This acquisition broadens the surface modification solutions portfolio to include the complementary low-pressure radio frequency technology, equipment and contract manufacturing services

For additional information on our company history, please reference the following article: “PTS History

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