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PTS was formed to support existing Plasma Science equipment owners with both maintenance and inventory services. Our services are structured to meet the customer's needs. We offer:


Plasma Science and Plasma Technology Systems’ equipment has been designed as a rugged laboratory or manufacturing system to provide reliable performance in manufacturing environments. Like all sophisticated electro-mechanical process systems it is recommended to have a qualified service engineer conduct preventative maintenance inspection and calibration at least annually depending on system use and age. We suggest scheduling a routine service at one year or 2000 hours, which ever occurs first.This service evaluates the performance of the pump, the integrity of chamber, as well as calibration of electronic controlled components such as the mass flow controllers, pressure manometer and the RF generator. Equipment so maintained rarely suffers unscheduled breakdowns. As stated earlier Plasma Science equipment is designed for heavy use in manufacturing environments and many customers do not have routine service and have years of productivity before suffering unscheduled stoppage. However, many modern manufacturing protocols demand routine calibration of electronic components; this is best accomplished by a service engineer that is familiar with the overall operation and design philosophy of the total plasma system.

Service Contracts

A service contract provides four benefits:
    1. Recommended routine maintenance to keep equipment and process reliable and repeatable
    2. Free 24 hr. emergency response to unscheduled breakdowns
    3. Loan of any needed major components, such as the RF generator, matching network or process controller, while these items are repaired (vacuum pump excluded)
    4. Unlimited no-cost phone support (otherwise $100/hour)

Please contact us to discuss the recommended service schedule for your system application(s) and the provision of an agreement for your review.

Service Call, No Agreement Option:

Service calls without a maintenance agreement are billed at a rate of $165 hour of required service engineer’s time, plus direct travel and travel related costs exclusive of consumables such as lamps, fuses and vacuum pump oils. Based on our extensive service knowledge, our service engineers will try to bring any anticipated parts or components to the call.  We stock all components used in the manufacturing of standard Plasma Science systems.  We suggest contacting us 30 days in advance to schedule a visit to your facility. An estimated quote will be provided. Phone support is available for $100 hour. Emergency services are available but we cannot guarantee 24 hour service. Components such as the RF Generator and pumps are available for rent with a minimum monthly charge.

Please contact us to discuss the recommended service schedule and pricing.

Component Repair & Calibration

The following component calibration and repair services are available:
    RF Generator
    Capacitance Manometer
    Mass Flow Controllers
    Match Network Systems
    Process Controller

Equipment Modification Services

PTS offers custom equipment modification services to include mechanical liquid injection systems to automated doors. Please contact us for a quotation for your application.

Pump Maintenance

PTS does not service pumps. The Operations Manual details recommended pump maintenance (checking oil level and replenishing as necessary; changing the oil filter). During PTS service visits, our engineer will recommend maintenance if appropriate. If you are having pumping difficulties we can forward you to the factor authorized representative or recommended service centers.

Upgrade/Refurbishment/Reconditioning Service

PTS offer customers options for upgrading, refurbishing or reconditioning Plasma Science equipment. The service is provided at the California maintenance facility. Three levels of service are available:

    Refurbishment: The system is calibrated and refurbished to all original manufacturing specifications, with components replaced or repaired (as needed) to meet this requirement. Warranties vary depending on condition of system
    Reconditioning: The system is calibrated and reconditioned to all original manufacturing specifications with new components not limited to the MFCs, manometer, isolation valve and the generator. This option includes a fully reconditioned matching network. The warranty for this system is 1 year parts and labor with up to a 3 year warranty on components such as the MFC. A new generator's typical mean-time between-failure is 10 years.
    Upgrade: This service includes refurbishment or reconditioning in addition to replacement of the process controller with a human-machine interface touch screen PLC.
The service includes an inspection with provision of a report detailing suggested items for replacement, refurbishment and or upgrade. Cost options are detailed for each item. A complete report with calibration and warranty details is forwarded at the completion of the job. The lead time, depending on work-in-hand, is approximately 2 weeks from receipt of the system and purchase order.

PTS do not service pumps however we will assist with coordinating service for pumping systems. PTS maintain a list of approved vendors.

For customers considering this option, please contact Mikki Larner for additional information. We ask that all customers follow the PTS decommissioning instructions to ensure safe transportation of the system. Please reference the following decommissioning instructions: PS0350/PS0300/PS0500

Call for other system instructions. 650.596.1606

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