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PTS is pleased to structure training programs for our customers. Training programs are designed to meet your needs, whether focusing on:
    Process development
    Equipment operations
    Equipment maintenance, or
    Plasma's advantages

Programs can be conducted at our facility in California or at the customer's facility. Many customers bundle in a training session with their equipment installation and commissioning. Sessions run from 2 hours to 2 days. Training sessions are also offered to educate your sales and marketing force about plasma. These sessions typically review how plasma is created; specific customer applications; quality assurance/quality control; material testing; types of processes possible; and other opportunities for R&D or further product development.

Please contact us for more information on these services.

A sample program is provided:

Description of Activity

    Explanation of plasma and how it is created in the Plasma Science systems
    Discussion about types of processes/applications
    Review of Customer's application(s)

    Overview of Plasma Science components:
    Reaction Chamber
    Process Controller
    RF Generator
    Matching Network
    Power Distribution
    Mass Flow Controllers
    Capacitance Manometer
    Vacuum pumping system and interface

    Process Controller
    Automatic Operation
    Manual Operation
    Trouble shooting/error codes

    Testing and Calibration
    Required tools

    Maintenance Schedule

    Trouble shooting/Error Codes

    Conclusion/Q&A Session

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