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Plasma Science, founded by Stephen Kaplan in 1981, pioneered the development of large chamber plasma systems for the plastics and allied industries. Since Plasma Science's inception and continuing to the present day as PTS, Mr. Kaplan and his associates have designed and manufactured a large number of special systems for the treatment of continuous profiles, fiber, tape, web and film systems as well as fully automated large chamber systems for the automotive industry. This design team is available to undertake your custom requirements.

PTS undertakes design tasks of custom equipment in a different manner than conventional equipment manufacturers to decrease costs. PTS enters into joint programs with the customer. The program usually consists of four (4) phases as follows:

    1. Design Concept
    2. Design Concept Refinement
    3. Detailed Engineering Drawings
    4. Construction of Systems

How the Customer Saves Money:

Conventional equipment manufacturers strive for a 60% margin. Many will provide quotes without a detailed analysis of the specification, but they will put in a large contingency fee to cover their potential exposure or clauses that make the customer responsible for all charges for any change to the specification. These add-ons can become a significant portion of the total cost. Some manufacturers have the customer pay a technology fee for the concept program in a similar manner to Phase 1 of our program.

The cost for any organization to design and build a custom system is very similar, albeit overhead rates can add substantially to the over all project cost. The elements are always very similar as follows:

    Concept and design phase
    Detailed Engineering
    Vendor selection
    Vendor supervision
    System assembly
    Commissioning and calibration

The cost for any organization for the engineering effort is similar. What differ in our approach are elimination of inflated costs to protect against over runs (that cost is shouldered by the customer) and the application of the profit margin, usually a 2.5 or greater multiplier. Customers can yield significant savings based on PTS cost plus method of joint development projects.

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