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Plasma System Offerings  

The PTS Product Line Includes:
    Batch systems from 1.5 to 125 cubic feet
    Tumbler systems
    Continuous profile systems for fiber and tubing
    Web handling systems for up to 60 inch width material
    Refurbished and rental systems
    Custom equipment solutions

    System options and upgrades:
    Monomer delivery systems
    Data loggers
Please contact us to discuss your specific application and request a quotation.

Refurbished Systems & Rental Programs

PTS is pleased to offer refurbished Plasma Science systems for sale or rent to all industries for the modification of materials. The systems are refurbished by the original Plasma Science engineering team. All systems are supported by a 6 month/1000 hour warranty for parts and labor with optional 12 month/2000 hour warranties. The systems are installed by our team of highly qualified factory trained engineers.

Please contact us for information on in-stock refurbished inventory.

Atmospheric Plasma Systems

Plasmatreat: Openair® atmospheric plasma technologyPlasma Technology Systems is pleased to offer Openair® atmospheric plasma technology.

Plasmatreat: Openair® atmospheric plasma technology

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