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System Options & Upgrades  

The following options/upgrades are available for the Plasma Science-Plasma Technology Systems product line:

Liquid Injection Systems

A liquid injection system is designed to deliver a liquid’s vapors to a plasma chamber in an accurate and repeatable manner.  There are several methods to deliver accurate quantities of monomer as well as different methods to vaporize the liquid for delivery to the plasma chamber.  

    Liquid Delivery
      Syringe Pump
    A syringe pump is recommended for short production runs or experimental trials where different process liquids are being investigated.  Example flow rates are between 2 – 10 ml/hr.  Use and cleaning of the syringe pump is simple.

    Metering Pump
    For continuous or dedicated production, a precision positive displacement pump is recommended.

    Vaporization Tools
      Hot Tube
    The “hot tube” is ideal for low boiling point liquids.  The Hot Tube is comprised of a fluoropolymer tube wrapped with a heating element and covered with insulator and a protective braid.  Temperatures are rated up to 130°C.

    Flash Evaporator
    The PTS Flash Evaporator System accepts precisely metered liquid feed from the liquid delivery system (e.g., syringe or metering pump) and effects a “flash evaporation” of the feed stream(s). The resulting vapor is mixed with user supplied carrier gas for delivery to the plasma chamber. It has been designed for a maximum use temperature of 150°C limited by the o-ring seals.

Heated Chambers

Plasma Science and Plasma Technology Systems may be upgraded to include chamber heating for temperatures up to 100°C. 

Allen Bradley HMI-PLC

Specification Sheet

Drop in replacement HMI-PLC units are provided for stock Plasma Science Advanced Energy process controllers.  The Plasma HMI System monitors and controls the Plasma System Process Controller, allowing the operator to initiate a process in automatic mode, change recipes, change set points, and manually activate devices, view trends, view alarms and export data for analysis. 

    The system consists of or allows:
    Allen Bradley PLC
    Wonderware (21 CFR Part 11 compliant)
    HMI 15” touch screen
    Windows XP
    Applicable software licenses
    Recipe management through Wonderware allowing for storage capabilities of a minimum of 500 process recipes with up to five separate steps each
    Control for up to two external optional relay-driven liquid pumps
    Visual and audible alarms
    Alarm banner
    Multiple user levels controlled by Administrator
    Manual and Automatic mode operations for authorized user
    Simultaneous viewing of parameters
    Separate screens for:
    Recipe management
    Lot information
    Manual set points
    Displaying active, acknowledged and historical alarms
    Trend viewing and plotting of all parameters
    Viewing process variables for present recipe step
    Setting limits
    Data logging of parameters
    Connections for USB, Network Cable
    Connectors for Keyboard and Mouse
    Illustrative operations manual

An optional Uninterruptible Power Supply can be provided to prevent damage due to unexpected power outages or inadvertent system shut downs.

Sample Graphic Screen for HMI

Data Recorder

PTS supply a low cost, portable USB or Ethernet data logger for recording up to eight key parameters such as:
    Setpoint Power
    Setpoint MFC 1
    Setpoint MFC 2
    Setpoint MFC 3
    Actual chamber pressure
    Actual process Power
    Actual Power forward
    Actual Power reflected
    Actual MFC 1 flow
    Actual MFC 2 flow
    Actual MFC 3 flow
The instrument may be tethered to a PC/Network and data monitored via a preferred program or the data may be stored to a stand-alone digital memory card and transported to any reader.    Software is included allowing for reviewing, measuring and analyzing data during or after a recording session. 

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